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PhotoGrid_1424124695406“Purpose is what you do every day” (Oprah)

“If it’s important, do it every day. If it isn’t important, don’t do it at all” (Dan John)

1526762_10153100180591506_5614627238019230666_nHi, my name is Ekaterina (my friends call me Kat)

“Purpose” is my watch word. Purpose brings meaning and consistency to everything I do, and fitness is not any different. Knowing and acting in accordance with our purpose keeps us motivated when we are flat. It helps you every day to choose what you want MOST (your values) over what you want NOW (your whims). It keeps you honest about why you do what you do and strengthens you against negativity or distractions – enemies of progress. It helps you stay disciplined. It is the greatest happiness in the world to serve your purpose every day.

There is a million and one types of fitness in the world. It is easy to get confused and overwhelmed. Aerobics classes, gym programmes, martial arts training, jump rope, distance running, Crossfit, kettlebells training, zoo, strongman, olympic lifting, power lifting, tabata, HIIT, Home Workout Movement etc etc But frankly I don’t see them as types of fitness at all. I see them as tools. Tools for serving your purpose. When you see these things as tools, and discover what they can do for you, you are no longer confused. In fact you know exactly what you want and what you don’t want to do.

That’s how my journey happened.

Skip the following bit of you aren’t into personal stories.

I started with home bodyweight training when my goals were to get fit enough to go to gym. (yes i was ashamed of not being able to do a few proper push ups).

Then it became to be a regular exerciser. So I went to gym classes for 6 months and got into the habit.

Then my purpose shifted to body sculpting, so i started doing programmes in the gym.

Then I became a Trainer and my purpose shifted to becoming so strong that I could do anything I prescribe to my clients.

Then I tried Crossfit, realised it’s fun and a great philosophy of wellness. And before i knew it, became an athlete competing in local comps, then the nationals, then the Regionals, individually, and later with a team. I became a Crossfit coach and a CF Gymnastics Coach. My training got very intense. I was a competitive athlete. And I knew that it was a temporary state of being. My body told me so.

Then I acquired a teaching position of my dreams and decided to pursue my passion of home fitness, gymnastics, kettlebells training and jump rope skills. And that’s where I am at the moment.

If you took a snapshot at any point in my fitness journey, my training would have been different, my focus was slightly different, but one thing didn’t change – my training was always aligned with my purpose. I use every training modality as a tool – for motivation, strength, variety, intensity, mobility, esthetics…  And that’s why I stay the course. And that’s why I think I have never had serious injuries, and always kept progressing forward. I haven’t stopped exercising once since I began in 2002.

Purpose is what you do every day.

That’s the way I coach. And it works. Ninjas happen.

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And check out my YouTube channel for exercise progressions, more than anything, it’s my obsession :)

Meanwhile, enjoy my blog, some of the things I write a just mad ramblings as I use it to think more than anything. I hope you find some stuff useful.

Yours in strength!


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